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With over 25 years of experience, nok9 AB is the world-leading supplier of complete solutions for reference test tools in wireless charging and optical media.


CATS B210 BD Pro 2x

CATS B210 BD Pro 2x

CATS is ready to support you with a tester that is designed both optically and mechanically to ensure optimum measurement performance at both 1x and 2x testing speeds.

The CATS B210 BD Pro 2x will keep up with your increased production speed and shorter cycle times, without sacrificing measurement accuracy.

CATS B210 BD Pro 2x measures the BD-ROM format at reference speed (1x) as well as 2x.

True 2x testing

The CATS B210 BD Pro 2x is capable of testing all tracked parameters (including jitter and error correction) at two times the reference velocity.  By combining our measurement board and the Toptica® drive, nok9 has been able to achieve a good correlation between measurements at 1x and measurements at 2x. Through the increased speed, combined with the unique track sweep measurement for open loop parameters, the CATS B210 BD Pro 2x enables true 2x testing that dramatically reduces testing times without sacrificing measurement accuracy.

Both reference class and 2x

The components of the tester fulfill all the requirements for a reference tester. Therefore, in addition to providing 2x testing functionality, the CATS B210 BD Pro 2x can test with reference-class accuracy at 1x. This gives the tester a unique set of capabilities – 2x testing with excellent correlation for production purposes and true reference - class measurements at 1x speed, all with one and the same tester.