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With over 25 years of experience, nok9 AB is the world-leading supplier of complete solutions for reference test tools in wireless charging and optical media.


CATS D400 DVD 4x

CATS D400 DVD 4x

Measurement platform

The CATS D400 DVD 4x analyzer is built on a new system platform with a compact design and small footprint. The D400 analyzer uses nok9’s fully digital measurement environment. Signals are processed with nok9’s measurement boards, using cutting edge digital signal processing technology. All hardware and filtering are according to the DVD format specification. Although the system platform is new, the user interface and operating procedures remain familiar to all CATS users.

Reference- class optical drive

The optical drive is designed for nok9 by Toptica Photonics AG, using state-of-the art components. All optical, mechanical and electronic specifi cations are kept 100 % according to standards. All measurements are performed at 4x speed; servo signals, jitter, HF and error Correction. nok9 has used its unique experience to design optical media analyzers that fully optimize drive performance. The drive is read-only, optimized for reading single-layer, and dual-layer, DVD media. The optical properties of the drive and nok9’s digital measurement environment ensure the best possible correlation to CATS DVD Pro analyzers.

System architecture and software

The CATS D400 DVD 4x uses a new system architecture with TCP/IP. The analyzer is controlled from a CTRL unit, with the same familiar interface used in nok9’s DVD platform. The CTRL application builds on the flexibility of the CATS user interface and offers virtually any level of analysis. The presentation methods suit both the most advanced developers and line operators, offering single-key test sequences and presentation in simple mode.

The CATS D400 DVD 4x is connected to the CTRL unit using a new and very flexible architecture. The analyzer communicates with the CTRL using TCP/IP which can be either direct or through LAN. Up to four analyzers can be connected directly to the CTRL unit. The analyzer contains a built-in power supply and temperature controlled fan unit for silent and convenient operation in any environment.