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With over 25 years of experience, nok9 AB is the world-leading supplier of complete solutions for reference test tools in wireless charging and optical media.



CES 2018 – The Year of Qi Wireless Power

Viktor Löfgren

With the launch of Apple's new iPhones enabled with Qi wireless power and the addition of Powermat to the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), wireless charging is making news at CES in a big way.

More companies than ever are releasing new products in a wide variety of form factors and styles. There's a huge wave of Qi wireless chargers, and we're working with the WPC to introduce the latest advances in the application of wireless power for the kitchen.

If you’re at CES, stop by the WPC booth at the South Hall Connector near the entrance of South Hall 3, Upper Level to see everything in action!

WPC meeting in San Francisco

Viktor Löfgren

nok9 joined over 300 members of the Wireless Power Consortium in San Francisco for the Qi Developer Conference and Wireless Power Tradeshow hosted by Apple. Our team participated in the Plugfest and IOP sessions, working with other industry leaders on the evolving Qi product design, testing, safety, regulatory and certification guidelines.
The new Qi reference receiver (RERX) and RFID protection upgrade to CATS II were also demonstrated for the first time at the conference.
The RERX was presented as the reference validation receiver to be used when testing EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) and EMI (electromagnetic interference). This is a critical component on the path toward compatibility, as it helps to ensure a seamless user experience across devices from different manufacturers using the Qi standard.
The RFID protection upgrade provides enhanced capabilities for the safety of credit cards and other devices using near field communications (NFC) or RFID chips as they come between a Qi transmitter and a device.

Wireless Charging Seminar in Taipei, organized by AVNET

Viktor Löfgren

nok9 joined IDT, NXP, Intertek, ST, Gotrend and Wyless to present the Qi Wireless Charging solution and market opportunities. This, as a respond to Apples newly released iPhones and Apple Watch series 3 with support of Qi Wireless Charging. nok9 continually made a strong presence to support Qi standard and delivered a presentation of CATS II and BASE testers. nok9 also demonstrated the BASE tester during the seminar. 

Several separate presentations were held to discuss the design of Wireless Charging Technology and product design , along with the WPC certification process by participating companies.

WPC Taipei sees strong participation from Team nok9

Viktor Löfgren

James Lo demonstrating the BASE testers at the public tradeshow

nok9 showed strong support at yet another WPC meeting, this time hosted by HTC in Taipei, from August 31 to September 1.

Once again, nok9’s top-of-the-line test equipment were a welcome facilitation at interoperability sessions, which were dominated by prototypes of 15W transmitters and receivers – a promising sign that market interest in EPP products is taking off. 

nok9’s China representative, James Lo, also delivered a presentation on the complexity of wireless power measurements at the Qi developer conference, while nok9 presented its BASE tester, a nimble yet powerful certification tool designed for supreme ease of use, at the public tradeshow and exhibition.

U-Way emphasizes importance of qi certification

Viktor Löfgren

Promise Cheng from Uway shared the importance of Qi certification, the procedure and how to recognize Qi products. He emphasized that Qi Certified products have been tested for compatibility and safety. The Qi logo is the sign of certification and quality. All qi certified products have been tested on nok9 CATS I or CATS II testers.

Find out more about our CATS systems here.

Read the full story from U-Way here.

Shared Mode Takes Off with CATS II

Viktor Löfgren

CATS II now offers an upgrade to verify wireless powering devices enabled with Shared Mode. Released by the WPC in 2016, the Shared Mode specification allows a single power transmitter to charge up to 10 devices at once.
To find out more about the Shared Mode upgrade for CATS II, contact