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Citadellsvägen. 19
S-211 18 Malmö

+46 40 690 49 00

With over 25 years of experience, nok9 AB is the world-leading supplier of complete solutions for reference test tools in wireless charging and optical media.



After-Sales Support

It’s not all about the purchase – we care about your success and want to help you get the most out of our equipment. From maintenance and on-site testing to training and advice, we are happy to assist you along the way with support services to ensure a smooth and efficient test process.

Technical Support
For technical issues, please log onto our troubleshooting and support portal.


Sales and Customer Service
For sales and after-sales enquiries, customers based in Europe may reach us through:, Tel: +46 40 690 49 31, Fax: +46 40 690 49 90

If you are outside Europe, please contact your local representatives.


Test Center (Wireless Charging)

ISO 17025 Calibration 
Ensure maximum traceability and accuracy for your test equipment. nok9 is the only laboratory in the world to offer ISO 17025 accredited calibration service for wireless charging test tools:

  • Precision calibration and adjustments for new test equipment
  • Maintenance or post-upgrade re-calibration and adjustments
  • Full calibration report
  • Adherence to the SI world standard measurement system

Test center (Optical Media)

In our test centers we use a number of different tests, both for recordable and pre-mastered media. By letting us test your products, you will obtain the knowledge you need about the physical quality as well as the playability of your discs.

You decide how you want to receive the test results. Written analyses, recordings of media or Climate Impacts are available. You can also get a TestCenter report that proves the quality of your product – a smart way to ensure customer satisfaction.

We can convert technical terms into easy-to-understand explanations about test results, potential problems and consequences. The test results are normally delivered within 24 hours and confidentiality is guaranteed.

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