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Are you developing Qi-technology? Then you are probably working hard to implement authentication – one of the most important future features of Qi (expected to part of the next version of Qi spec).

Don’t miss our free-of-charge authentication web tool. Sign up at to try out your implementation, or to get familiar with authentication!

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WPC1903 was held in The Hague, Netherlands. The key topics for this meeting was the finalization of Qi specification update 1.3 and the progress in higher power class specifications – the official announcement of Cordless Kitchen Specification “Ki” and the draft specifications for both Ki ad Medium Power.

With a team of representatives for each domain, nok9 participated in most workgroups with both active contributions and support on other members proposals. Both in Medium Power work groups and in IOP nok9 presented EVA II – the modular evaluation tool for Medium Power applications (15-200 W).

For more information on EVA II, please contact

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Five years after establishing the Kitchen Work Group, the WPC has announced the “Ki” Cordless Kitchen standard.

Kitchen appliances will be revolutionized with the Ki standard, creating a safer, smarter and more efficient cooking environment. Learn more about Ki on the WPC website:

WPC press release

WPC blog post  

EVA III – wireless power evaluation tool for the kitchen

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nok9 Research Lab is a service for partners in need of calibrated wireless power measurement equipment for research and development, validation and debugging.

The service is available in Malmö Sweden and in Bay Area US. Test setup include unreleased beta version of Software as well as Hardware and allows the user to develop for the future.

Contact for inquiries.

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