nok9 recently announced RERX as its latest innovation and the industry’s first automotive reference receiver designed to meet the global requirements of automotive standards for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and the recommendations of the Wireless Power Consortium/Automotive Application Group (WPC/AAG).

RERX is an ISO 17025-calibrated receiver providing accurate emulation of a typical receiver with adjustable settings to imitate different designs and scenarios during EMC tests of Qi wireless power transmitters. Developed with a low emission signature and shielded design, it ensures correct setup and reliable results, inter-instrument agreement, repeatability and traceability. The power settings are fully configurable, and data is saved directly to the system for easy access and export. As a battery supplied standalone tool, RERX is portable and durable for use in an EMC lab environment.

“Qi certification does not relieve the responsibility for regulatory approval,” said Niels Jess, Head of Compliance Testing at CETECOM Germany. “EMC compatibility testing is critically important and such tests need to be performed as well as radio testing and tests related to electrical safety.”

This assertion holds true not only for Qi compliance, but for all development incorporating wireless power. RERX is essential since it completes the test setup for these tests with a traceable and reliable environment for all wireless power transmitters.

The RERX replaces other vendor solutions, including EVMs and commercial receivers like phones, to achieve accurate and reliable results for EMC certification within wireless power applications.

Click here for the CETECOM news release on regulatory requirements for wireless charging products.

Click here to download the RERX product sheet.