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Frankie is responsible for nok9 service, he is the person to make sure that all nok9 partners will only be more satisfied with what we do.

“I am delighted to be involved in such an exciting company within an industry experiencing rapid growth”, Franziscus Frost

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nok9 Research Lab is a service for partners in need of calibrated wireless power measurement equipment for research and development, validation and debugging.

The service is available in Malmö Sweden and in Bay Area US. Test setup include unreleased beta version of Software as well as Hardware and allows the user to develop for the future.

Contact for inquiries.

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  • Accelerated focus on features for release of next version Qi spec.
  • Enhanced market surveillance activities

The first WPC conference of 2019 was held in Yokohama, Japan. The nok9 team participated actively in most work group sessions, providing numerous contributions in work groups and task forces. With the release of next version of the Qi specification estimated this year, much of the focus was on key features such as authentication and improved FOD.

Another key take away from this meeting was the enhanced efforts of market surveillance conducted by WPC. In order to ensure safety and interoperability samples are being gathered from the market and retested for compliance.

For more info on new upgrades, please contact

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  • Samsung Fast Charge approved as proprietary protocol
  • First evaluation tools for Medium Power released

Being the last WPC conference for 2018, this meeting coincided with the 10 year anniversary of WPC. With both new and old faces from the now over 600 member companies, the intensive commitment in work groups was accompanied by excitement and great expectations for the wireless future that is approaching. The nok9 team participated as always with numerous contributions in work groups and task forces, while also offering free access to WPC approved test equipment in IOP and Plugfest.
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Huawei just released their new flagship phone of 2018 called Mate. This flagship phone includes wireless charging and like its main competitors it also offers proprietary fast charge. But the most interesting feature is perhaps the “reverse wireless charging” which allows you to use the Mate as a power bank to charge your other qi-enables devices. Interesting indeed!

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  • Record membership attendance
  • Mandate for ISO 17025 calibration
  • Approved q-measurements from nok9
  • Samsung Fast Charge available from nok9

With continued growth in the wireless power charging market and product supply availability, the meeting attracted a confirmed record of WPC members attending. nok9 maintained its leadership market position by its contributions at workgroups and task forces while also offering free services at Plugfest using WPC approved and advanced test equipment.
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The nok9 team recently participated in the WPC1803 meeting as part of the 2018 Wireless Power Week (2018WPW), the world’s largest wireless power event, in Montreal, Canada.

This year’s seminars emphasized the growing collaboration between academic and industry experts working on key WPC initiatives focused on the continued growth and integration of wireless power technologies into everyday life.

2018WPW was jointly cosponsored by the IEEE PELS and MTT Societies. For the first time, this event combined three major conferences in the field: IEEE PELS Workshop on Emerging Technologies: Wireless Power (WoW), IEEE MTT-S Wireless Power Transfer Conference (WPTC), and the Wireless Power Congress of the Wireless Power Consortium.


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nok9 has partnered with Wurth, IDT and Cetecom to present a series of four free wireless power seminars in Germany focused on learning more about the technology, how to measure it and how to design products with it.

Complete details can be downloaded below:

Wireless Power Seminar Series – Germany

Wireless Power Seminar Agenda – Germany

To register please visit:

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nok9 recently announced RERX as its latest innovation and the industry’s first automotive reference receiver designed to meet the global requirements of automotive standards for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and the recommendations of the Wireless Power Consortium/Automotive Application Group (WPC/ AAG).
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