• Record membership attendance
  • Mandate for ISO 17025 calibration
  • Approved q-measurements from nok9
  • Samsung Fast Charge available from nok9

With continued growth in the wireless power charging market and product supply availability, the meeting attracted a confirmed record of WPC members attending. nok9 maintained its leadership market position by its contributions at workgroups and task forces while also offering free services at Plugfest using WPC approved and advanced test equipment.

WPC approved the requirement that ISO17025 calibration of nok9 test equipment is fundamental for Qi certification by Authorized Test Labs (ATLs) worldwide.  This insures that there is a solid reference for traceability, correlation and total accuracy of the Qi certification program.  All ATLs are mandated to comply latest by 1st of January 2019.

WPC also approved nok9 Reference Object 3 (RO#3) and a new method for q-measurements. This means that the current nok9 CATS II test equipment at ATLs is accurate and can be used immediately as opposed to relying on separate vendor LCR meters.

nok9 released the Samsung Fast Charge (SFC) upgrade for CATS II BST test equipment.  This was jointly developed with Samsung Electronics who first approved and certified the integration into nok9 CATS II as of May 2019.

For more info on new upgrades, please contact sales@nok9.com